What’s Happening Around The World In 2017?

What’s your go-to must-do when you’re on vacation? Do you make it your goal to find the most exclusive bar? How about bringing back a quirky souvenir for everyone on your friends list? Are you all about spending the first day abroad walking around your new city? Whatever your must-do, we’ve got another one to add to the list: hit up a festival!

Whether it’s about music or art, it helps you get to know a new country. Plan your next trip around one of these fave festivals in 2017 – we’ll help you figure out the details.

Dublin St Patrick’s Festival 

March 16 – 19: Dublin, Ireland

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Be in Ireland during this annual celebration of identity, arts and culture. The main event (Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade) travels across the city with talented performers, bright colours and beautiful hand-crafted structures. If you can survive St Patrick’s Day IN Ireland, you can survive it anywhere… so why not be at the heart of it?


April 27: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome warmer weather the Dutch way, and break out of your winter blues in time for a huge party! It’s a celebration of their monarch’s birthday and known as the wildest 24 hours of the year. If you’re looking for a good time in Amsterdam, there’s no better way than to wear orange and dance in the streets like a local!

Brighton Festival

May 6 – 28: Brighton & Hove, England

Held in the seaside town of Brighton, this festival is an annual event that celebrates art, literature, film and circus. Attracting all the art lovers, 2017 will be its 49th year running. May is the best time to go as there will be events happening across Brighton, such as Brighton Fringe (a huge arts festival) and The Warren (with over 600 performance from comedy to circus). Let’s just say Brighton will be buzzing in May.

Hideout Festival

June 26 – July 1: Novaljia, Croatia

Croatia’s popular Zrce Beach is also one of the best summer festival and party destinations! For all beach lovers, sunbathe your day away and party all night – without leaving the beach. It’s the perfect location to chill, with a variety of restaurants and cafes around so you can enjoy Mediterranean dishes too. Does this kind of festival rock your boat? Go on and spend your summer partying – Croatian style!

Merchants’ Weekend Festival 

July: Vestmannaeyjabaer, Iceland

Imagine a summer backyard party with all your besties. Then multiply it by 100. That’s what you’re in for at this festival in Iceland; a combination of friendly islanders and wild weather. Start off by camping with locals, then partake in a huge bonfire with music, DJs and a lot of dancing. The festival ends with a sing-a-long of Icelandic ballads and watching thousands of torch bearers gather around the rim of the volcano. It’s definitely going to be a sight to see!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

August 4 – 28: Edinburgh, Scotland

With theatre, music, film, comedy, dance, musicals, spoken word poetry, and much more, Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival has everything you could possibly think of. It’s known as the world’s largest arts festival that takes over Scotland’s capital every August. Get yourself across the pond this year and visit Scotland for an atmosphere that’s way too contagious to miss!

La Tomatina Festival 

August 30: Valencia, Spain

Make sure you get your goggles and snorkels ready for this… and no, it’s not a beach party. Attend the biggest tomato fight that takes place in Valencia every year, where you’ll end up swimming in tomato juice by the end of the day. With over 50,000 people in attendance, expect A TON of action. You can finish off your day by hitting the beach and relaxing after all the mayhem. Explore a different kind of fun in Spain!


September 13 – October 3: Munich, Germany

Get ready for a hectic Oktoberfest season in Munich. This city throbs with art, vigorous music, gourmet restaurants, beer gardens and popular . Oktoberfest attracts over 6 million people around the world annually. So, expect lively music, mouth-watering food and big, big pints of beer.


October 7 – 16: Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey appeals to adventurous, well-travelled people, especially if you enjoy the combination of exotic cities, beautiful beaches and historical attractions. And for those who love film, Istanbul has a special treat. Grab a seat for one of the many screenings at Istanbul’s premiere film festival! Expect to see , all in one place.


November 2 – 5: Berlin, Germany                    

Berlin is a city full of history and charm, with a unique character. It’s not just for history buffs, though. For jazz lovers, there’s no better place to jam… than in Europe. It might not be the music festival you’ve come to expect from Germany, but it’s the one you so need. JazzFest steers away from dance and techno and focuses only on jazz, giving you a relaxed festival you can enjoy.

Junkanoo Parade

December 26: Nassau, Bahamas

Already planning to be anywhere else but here next winter? Here’s a party island calling your name. The Junkanoo is a Bahamian festival that starts in the early hours of the morning on December 26. Thousands dance through the streets and Nassau’s town centre. Get a redux of this party on January 1 to celebrate the New Year. Looks like you’ve already planned out where you’ll welcome 2018!

No matter where you’re planning to go, there’s always something epic to do. Talk to a travelcuts expert and start planning your next vacation with us!

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