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Written by Michael Craig

We believe the best way to party after a day of skiing is then and there. Going back to the chalets and getting changed is simply time consuming and a waste of clean clothes. Besides, it’s way more fun to stomp around in your boots and gear. Plus, they keep the toes warm. Win!!! We’ve learnt through years of practice and experience that it’s best to go hard until 9pm and then head home for a late-night snack and a good sleep. This way, you wake up feeling fresh and ready to hop in the first chair the morning after. But each to their own.

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Après isn’t all about raving ‘til 4 am, it simple means “what happens after”. However skiing still comes first and we are all about finding those sweet spots to ski and board, with or without a pounding head. Jay Peak Resort is without a doubt one of the most insane ski areas in Eastern USA with so much to offer.

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The Appalachian Mountains are breathtakingly beautiful; from bottom they stare down at you as you gasp over their size and from atop the powdered peak will give you a buzz that can’t be found anywhere else. The temperature can drop to extremes, but it’s worth the fight as you ski some of the most perfect glades found on the East. At the base you can find yourself in our bar over at Stateside.

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This extraordinary event will take place early February, you can suffer in the City or celebrate in the Mountains. Come après our way in Vermont 2-4 February 2018.

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