Ultimate Travel Photos Vol. 1

If you’ve got the wanderlust feeling but can’t figure out where it’s taking you, we’ve got your back. From our very own vault… these Ultimate Travel Photos come from the people who make up who we are as a company, Canada-wide! We’re travel enthusiasts; who better to help you plan your trip than the very people who have been to these destinations and experienced it firsthand? Take a look at some of our favourite awe-inspiring moments in travel.

1. Morocco


Sandy dunes, the bright noonday sun and an endless landscape all await you in the Moroccan desert. [? : Amanda Kwong]

2. Bali

36.5X60_Dorothy Pan_Pura Besakih, Bali

Bali isn’t just an island paradise. It’s full of culture you’ll definitely want to immerse yourself in. [? : Dorothy Pan]

3. Kenya

Laura Main Tanzania and Kenya 286

Imagine getting up close and personal with a leopard in Kenya. What would you do in this situation? Run away or snap a shot… or snap as you ran? [? : Laura Main]

4. Iceland

Debbie Bolt 1

Did you know there’s an Aston Martin from the James Bond movie that sank to the bottom of this iceberg lagoon in Jokusarlon? It’s true. [? : Debbie Bolt]

5. Hawaii

Vanessa Therrien Houle Big Island, Hawaii

Lose yourself in the natural beauty of Hawaii. Here the Tiki Statues watch the calm waters – don’t you want to join them? [? : Vanessa Therrien Houle]

6. Peru

60X36.5_Laura Main_ Cuzco, Peru

Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans almost 9,000 years ago. They, along with Llamas, are a huge part of Peruvian culture. [? : Laura Main]

7. London

36.5X60_Rida Nawab_London, England

Step inside the London Eye and get a bird’s-view of one of the most beautiful and historied cities in the world. Do you hear Big Ben chiming? [? : Rida Nawab]

8. Thailand

Aliyah Dlima_1

Clear waters, white sand beaches, and the perfect sunny weather. What could be better? [? : Aliyah Dlima]

9. Turkey

Rachel Pentecostes_2

Hop into a hot air balloon and fly over the rolling mountains of Cappadocia! A slow ascent towards the horizon is the ideal way to take in all the beauty of Turkey. [? : Rachel Pentecostes]

10. France

Dorothy Pan River Village

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Paris and take a trip to the Château de Beynac. Sail down the Dordogne River and gaze at the limestone cliffs as you pass by this picturesque river village. [? : Dorothy Pan]

This year, find your next incredible adventure with travelcuts and GO!

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