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Travel: What are the reasons and benefits?

Why do we travel? What are the benefits of travelling?

So, you’re thinking of travelling? Is this your first time? Is it your 20th time? Where do you want to go? Why do you want to travel?

Here are ten great reasons travellers have been journeying around the world for centuries, and why you should too! Embrace the chance to travel, find your style and choose your destination.

1. Travel to Escape

You might escape to better weather, to a new adventure or for a new experience. Maybe you are seeking an opportunity to meet new people, to start afresh and live your life somewhere else for a short or long while. Sometimes you want it fast-paced, action packed and fun, others want to escape into a peacefully slow environment.

Travel can be very beneficial for the Escapee – good for a mental refresh and physically to help you heal or improve your health with activity. Travelling offers the chance to escape, yet also the chance to go to a home away from home. Sometimes you just have to take time out to enjoy being away from it all.

Moroccan woman in traditional clothes (jellaba) walking on a street in Medina of Chefchaouen Morocco small town in northwest Morocco known for its blue buildings
Moroccan woman in traditional clothes (jellaba) walking on a street in Medina of Chefchaouen Morocco small town in northwest Morocco known for its blue buildings
2. Travel for the Life Lessons

Travel provides the best lesson in life if you are willing to learn. Joining a tour is great for meeting fellow travellers, learning about them and seeing a destination on the go. Travelling solo or in smaller groups usually guarantees a more local experience. By being exposed to new places, people and cultures, you’ll develop a wider world view. You will return home more-worldly and more conscientious for other times you travel. Many travellers take up volunteering opportunities to give back, continue learning and to engage with locals.

Volunteer flora and fauna surveying in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica.
3. Travel to Explore

For a new traveller everything is new, a sensory overload, a language challenge, a mystery, an adventure. The best way to conquer all of this is to explore. It’s about the uncertainty and willingness to be open to everything. You might be the type of traveller that enjoys being free to plan and make up the day as you go.

Some advice! Give yourself time to explore and experience the place in which you’re visiting. For a touch of sanity and security, always research before-hand and plan a basic itinerary to keep your travels and budget in check. Feel free to prioritise free time; time to walk around, look around and find all those hidden gems that make travelling so incredible.

Cycling in the mountains
Cycling in Europe
4. Travel to Meet People

Meeting travellers and meeting the locals often makes the journey memorable. Fellow travellers can be helpful and fun and can also inspire you to travel more and learn more. When you meet the locals and make an effort to get to know them, you will learn about the culture, find great places to eat, and enjoy the surrounding sights, in the company of new friends!

Culture varies from region to region; not just country to country. It is culture that gives each and every one of us an identity, and most travellers you meet on the road, or locals you engage with are more than happy to share their culture with you.

Water sports in Costa Rica
Water sports activities in Costa Rica
5. Travel for the Challenge

Nothing ever goes as planned when you travel, and that’s a great reminder for everyday life, where people tend to stress out about the littlest hiccups. When you travel you might learn to love the unexpected, because sometimes these moments you didn’t see coming can be some of the best experiences you have. The unexpected comes in the thousands when you’re somewhere new.

6. Travel to Learn

As cheesy as it sounds, you really do learn about yourself when you immerse yourself in a culture you don’t know anything about. You might become an even better version of yourself; open-minded and willing to discover new things. Travelling frees you of your usual routine and allows you to get back in touch with the real you!

Surround yourself with people you’ve never met before and you’re guaranteed to learn life lessons and some of the local language too! Hearing someone else’s opinion about the world and their experiences at home and travelling an interesting and eye-opening experience.

7. Travel for the Experience

Everday is a new experience. Travelling reminds you that you are unique and sometimes can make you feel insignificant, yet in the best way. It allows you to see yourself as a small piece of the giant world.

As one of our previous travellers has mentioned; “…Travel is both familiar and unknown, a great wonder, a great adventure, a great learning experience. It continues to expand my mind and open my heart for the desire to meet new people and experience all the many different cultures and colours of the world. What I love most about it is what travelling teaches me.”

The main street of Vernazza
The main street of Vernazza, in Italy’s Cinque Terre.
8. Travel to Relax and Rejuvenate

Work, life, routine, studies and hobbies can be exhausting! Taking time out to relax is as good a reason as any to travel! There are plenty of destinations that offer peace of mind holidays, be it all-inclusive, off-the-grid, active, or simply sprawling beachside.

Escape from the phone calls, emails, social media and computing screens and enjoy fun in the sun, a room with a views or nap-inducing R&R getaways. You’re guaranteed to return home, rejuvenated and refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way!

Alila Resort in Ubud
Alila Resort in Ubud offers a Relaxing Stay in the Bali’s Highlands
9. Travel for a New Perspective

Meeting the local people and seeing how they live their lives will broaden your perspective on the world. Many claim travel is a humbling experience.

When you travel, you realize how insignificant those mundane irritations at home are. You appreciate what you have even more and learn how to improve because you see great examples elsewhere. You see richness in other cultures, and when things go wrong you’re likely to find compassion from people all around the world.

10. Travel to Celebrate

There’s often reasons to celebrate! It might be the end of your schooling life or your first pay from your first real job. There might be a wedding, a honeymoon or a desire to celebrate a special birthday abroad.

Travelling with family and friends is a great way to gather together and enjoy time away from home and routine. With your loved ones you can have fun in the sun, snow, mountains or sea and at the end of the trip you’ll have a lifetime of shared memories and photos to take home and reminisce on for next time!

And at the end of the day if none of these reasons are reason enough for you, then make up your own reason and find what you’re looking for with a little help from us. Our team are happy to talk about the benefits of travel with you and design a trip that achieves everything you want, for all the reasons why you want to go!

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