Top Trips for 2015

The end of the year and beginning of a new one is filled with a flurry of resolutions and plans; it’s hard to figure out what your goals are for the next 365 days! At least one thing is clear: we’re going to travel. Take a look at these top destinations you should check out in 2015:

  1. Costa Rica
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    Costa Rica definitely holds a spot on most of our friends’ travel bucket lists! 2015 is the year to MAKE IT HAPPEN. From ziplining, canyoning, and kayaking to incredible animals and beautiful scenery, the country has something to capture the interest of everyone you’re travelling with.

  3. London
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    A classic trip for anyone in their 20s, London (or as some call it, Fundon) has plenty to offer. Sightseeing, English pubs, and tons of great shopping will give you great stories you’ll be telling for years.

  5. Barcelona
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    Full of life, Barcelona is a must-see for anyone who marches to their own beat. Hit up the art galleries, take in some shopping, delight your tastebuds with authentic tapas, then party all night long, doing it all in style. Ready for late nights and neverending action? Then you’re ready for Barcelona.

  7. Morocco
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    After your adventure in Spain, why not visit Morocco? It’s just an hour ferry away! Take a camel trek through the Sahara Desert, admire the architecture in Marrakesh, and explore the markets.

  9. Australia
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    Sydney for Reading Week, anyone? Get away from the cold Canadian winter and change your life in warm Australia. Beaches galore and fantastic natural sights will make you never want to leave Australia. So let the beer flow and leave your worries behind!

  11. Prague
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    In the past 25 years, Prague has become a major hub of activity and excitement. The pub crawl scene is huge, and with tons of festivals and events dotted throughout the year, you’ll never be lacking for something to do. Architecture buffs will also adore the old town.

  13. Nepal
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    Have you ever wanted to climb (or just visit) Mount Everest? How about bathing an elephant? Or join in a local festival? You can make all of these things happen in Nepal! Adventurers will love the sheer number of offbeat activities. Nepal will give you an experience unlike any other you’ve had before!

  15. Switzerland
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    Zurich is the centre of cutting-edge nightlife in Switzerland, but there’s so much more to discover in this beautiful country! Ski the Swiss Alps or head to the Montreux Jazz Festival in July. The waterfront in Geneva is a perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing. And you won’t want to miss the incredibly charming capital city of Bern, which has hardly changed its medieval aesthetic in 500 years!

With all these amazing places to visit, 2015 is sure to be your best year yet. Grab your friends and book your trip today!

Written by Deanna Gregorio, Brand Specialist at travelcuts.

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