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Calling All Creative Travellers!

You: • love to travel • love to share your experiences • wish you could travel more Does this sound like you? You’re in luck. The travelcuts FilmFest competition is in full swing, and it’s your shot to win $5,000 in travel (yes!). Plus, you’ll get bragging rights as winner of #travelcutsDOC 2016. All you’ve … Continue reading Calling All Creative Travellers!

Travel Photography 101 – What gear do I need?

Cameras and travel go hand in hand. You wouldn’t dream of taking a bucket list trip without also bringing along something to document the journey, right? But upgrading from the camera in your phone or a basic point & shoot can be a daunting task. Different kinds of travel have different documentation needs! Before you … Continue reading Travel Photography 101 – What gear do I need?

How do you see the world?

It’s no secret that we love travel. We’re pretty much obsessed with it. But the one thing we love even more than travelling ourselves…is seeing all the AMAZING adventures we’ve helped you take! And we wanted to find some way to showcase all those amazing stories and adventures, to inspire even more people to see … Continue reading How do you see the world?