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5 More Spooky Places (You Might Not Expect)

1) Halifax, Canada We have a soft spot for the maritime provinces, but Nova Scotia takes the cake when it comes to the creepy, spooky, and downright freaky. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has a large feature on the Titanic disaster, including items discovered from the wreck. The exhibit takes you through life aboard … Continue reading 5 More Spooky Places (You Might Not Expect)

Halloween in Transylvania

Transylvania: it’s a real place and it’s wonderful. We briefly touched on the destination in a previous blog post, but with the announcement of Busabout’s new Transylvanian Halloween Trek, we thought it was worth taking a second look. Fast Facts Not a city, but a region in Central Romania Population: ~7 million Most well-known for … Continue reading Halloween in Transylvania

5 Spooky Places Around the World

Signal Hill, NL (Canada) Signal Hill is a national historic site in Canada, celebrating the point of reception for the first transatlantic wireless communication. But did you know it’s said to be haunted? Ghosts are often spotted wandering around the St. John’s landmark, from soldiers to prisoners and everyone in between. One of the better-known … Continue reading 5 Spooky Places Around the World