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Thailand – spotlight on Bangkok

It’s no wonder 25 million people make their way to Thailand each year. Thailand is cheap, friendly and incredibly diverse as a destination for tourists. Full of adventure activities and sports, cultural experiences and an abundance of natural attractions in a balmy tropical holidaying climate, Thailand has more on offer than can be experienced in … Continue reading Thailand – spotlight on Bangkok

Top Travel Destinations for 2018!

Written by Jason Merrithew The world is a huge place and you might not be able to tick off all the destinations you want in a year. To help you choose where to go in 2018, here are Merit Travel’s top 5 destinations you can’t miss!   Uganda The country features many national parks for … Continue reading Top Travel Destinations for 2018!

Highlights of the Philippines

The Philippines is full of natural beauty, including gorgeous beaches, hills, amazing waterfalls, old rice terraces and reefs full of marine life. It’s the perfect destination for travellers who’ve visited Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia and want to explore more of Southeast Asia. We’ve gathered a great list for those who are eager to go. So … Continue reading Highlights of the Philippines