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Magical Memories in Montreal

In honor of its 375th anniversary, Montréal electrifies in the most amazing ways. Montréal is especially intriguing this summer. “Poetic” and “surreal” are the words being used to describe the displays at “Montréal AVUDO,” a summer-long show in the Old Port of Montréal. Catch one of 100 free multimedia performances that merge brilliant light shows, … Continue reading Magical Memories in Montreal

5 Secret Spots in Bangkok

You might remember Dominic from the wildly popular Popsicle Sagas video, from FilmFest 2016. He’s back in 2017, showing us an inside view into his travels. Part 1: #ThailandTakeover starts now. If you are traveling to Thailand, it is most likely that you’ll end up landing in Bangkok. While this city can be overwhelming to some … Continue reading 5 Secret Spots in Bangkok