Sweet Treats Around the World

What do you associate with Thanksgiving? For some of us, it’s the train ride home. Others, the relatives we rarely get to see. In our opinion, one of the BIG universals is pumpkin pie. What would a Thanksgiving dinner be without that wonderful, kind of weird mix of fruit (we Googled – pumpkin IS a fruit), spice, and loads of whipped cream?
The pie isn’t so ubiquitous in other places around the world, though! So, if this year you want to change things up and bring some of your travels to the table, try out one of these sweet treats from around the world:


New Zealand


You’ve probably heard the name before, but not been sure what it is. Or maybe you’ve eaten the dish but not known what it was called. Pavlova is simply a cake made of meringue, topped with cream and delicious fruit (usually Kiwi, naturally). Legend has it that the dish originated in New Zealand after dancer Anna Pavlova passed through the area on one of her tours. If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, a piece of pavlova will do just fine for second breakfast the next day!




Thailand isn’t particularly known for its desserts, but this specialty may just work its way into your regular holiday ritual. Sangkhaya is a royal Thai delicacy of coconut custard cooked inside a small pumpkin. The pumpkin flesh is also edible, and the two flavours combine while cooking to give you a wonderful alternative to the standard fall dessert.




Ever tried crème caramel? Rožata is the Croatian (specific to Dubrovnik) variant of this dessert. The name comes from Rozalin, the rose liqueur which gives this dish its distinctive flavour. It’s a unique and powerful take on a dessert concept seen in many countries: creamy, gelatinous, and sweet.



Blended fruit drinks

When the weather’s hot and the fruit is abundant, what do you do? Of course, you blend the fruit with ice and make delicious, refreshing drinks! Admittedly, Canada in October is a little chilly for this particular treat, but we’re willing to bet you won’t mind once the oven’s been on for a few hours and the house is full of people. We’re not sure you’d want to try making a blended pumpkin drink, but if you can get your hands on some sapote, a luscious orange fruit native to South America, or corozo, a Colombian fruit similar to a cranberry, we can practically guarantee you won’t be missing the pumpkin at all.




You’ve likely had gelato before (or at least heard of it), but nothing can quite compare to the real deal in Italy. Still, there are a number of relatively authentic places in Italian neighbourhoods across Canada. And don’t forget, you can always make it yourself! The key is to use the best raw ingredients you can find, and use naturally derived flavours. True gelato is denser than ice cream and has a higher proportion of milk (sometimes made without eggs entirely), but we’re pretty sure your Thanksgiving guests won’t mind if you don’t get it perfect on the first try. Pumpkin gelato is one of the latest trends, so you can still get your holiday dose of pumpkin goodness while changing things up.

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Written by Deanna Gregorio, Brand Specialist at travelcuts.

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