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5 Tips For Stress-Free Travel

Remove the Stress in Travel!

Travel is life changing, exhilarating, fun, the list goes on. But… sometimes it can be stressful. The time spent planning your trip and the annoying fear of things going wrong can take the fun out of travel. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you’re a new traveller or a veteran traveller, here are five ways to remove the stress in travel.

1. Seas the Day! Take a Cruise or Boat Tour

Compared to trains, planes, and automobiles, a cruise offers far more simplicity and convenience. Your meals are organised, sleeping arrangements are sorted and most cruise lines offer around the clock activities to keep you entertained. Close your eyes, fall asleep at night, and wake up in a new city, stress free! Explore the city during the day then retreat back to the cruise at night to rest up for tomorrow’s next adventure. Our favourite cruise and boat tours include sailing Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Thailand.

2. Bus upon a time… travel via Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus

If you’re someone who prefers to run on their own schedule and have their feet a bit closer to the ground, perhaps a Hop-On-Hop-Off tour is for you. Buy a pass for a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus service and have the stress-free flexibility of travelling their network of cities as you please. Spend as much or as little time as you’d like in over 47 cities in Europe. There are also great bus services covering New Zealand, Australia and South America.

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3. Sounds like a plan! Join a Small Group Tour

Research, logistics, planning – when you join a small group tour for your vacation, all of the less desired stressful parts of travel planning are taken care of for you. It’s also a great way to keep your budget on track as you won’t have any unexpected extra costs. On a small group tour, join like-minded people and explore destinations in an intimate way rather than with larger group tours or the jostling masses. They’re also a great reason to visit a new destination you may be nervous to tackle on your own such as India or Thailand.

4. Nice n’ Easy – Choose a Destination That Isn’t Too Challenging

Don’t stress about what to see, where, when and how. Make your travels easy, why not choose a destination where the must-see sights basically create the itinerary for you. This can be an iconic destination that is well travelled such as Italy or Costa Rica. Or choose a destination that seems like a natural fit for you. Maybe Barcelona because your friend is living there now, or New York because you love to shop.

5. Call Me Maybe? Use a Travel Consultant

Travel Consultants can save you a tonne of time with planning and bookings and will give you advice on the destination so you are not going in blind. Often times they already travelled there and can give you amazing recommendations. They also offer a sense of security – in the case something was to go wrong (knock on wood), you always have someone to call on who can help guide you, and assist you through any stressful situation.

These stress free tips brought to you by travelcuts – choose to travel solo, voluntour, learn about the benefits to travelling, first-time traveller tips and things to do before you’re 30!

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