Tall trees in the forest.

Stay in a treehouse…

Treehouses are magical structures; perched high in the trees, difficult to access and immersed in nature. They can bring back childhood memories and can provide a much needed escape from the stresses of everyday life. We have compiled this list of five treehouses for rent from around the world. Whether you escape in your daydreams or actually book a night, we hope you enjoy.

Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island

These magical spheres set within the tall trees of the west coast rainforest are suspended from a web of rope about four meters off the ground. Open year-round, these treehouses are equipped with electricity, comfortable beds and even built in speakers. The Free Spirit Spheres are a place to get in touch with your spiritual side and feel one with nature.

Cedar Creek Treehouses in Washington State

These two-story treehouses are nestled at the base of Mount Rainier and sit 50 feet up in towering 200-year-old cedar trees. The treehouses are eco-friendly and use solar energy for lights. A new addition to the complex is the Treehouse Observatory which offers spectacular mountains views from 100 feet in the air.

The Secluded In-town Treehouse in Atlanta

This suite of three inter-connected treehouses look like a fairytale come to life and it sits in the heart of Atlanta. The treehouse is furnished with antiques and natural artifacts gathered from around the world and the rooms are open to the elements so you can feel at one with nature while you sleep peacefully.

Treehotel in Sweden

The Treehotel is truly a unique experience. These mirrored treehouses are an optical illusion and appear to be floating in mid-air. Each ‘treeroom’ was designed by a different Scandinavian architect and incorporates modern design with the natural surroundings.

Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica

These treehouses are built on tall stilts, sit only feet from the ocean and are committed to leaving the minimum possible trace of existence. The main goal of the Tree House Lodge is to be as ecofriendly and sustainable as possible and have been granted the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism. The houses are split level and filled with hand-carved wooden furniture.

Source: Clean Breaks – copyright 2014 Rough Guides

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