Solo Women Travellers – 10 Safe Destinations To Go To Right Now!

Written by Courtney Bowen at travelcuts

Top Ten Destinations that are Ideal for Women Travelling Solo

Travelling solo as a woman can be daunting! It can also be life-changing in the best way. You might choose to travel solo and completely independently, or you might choose to travel solo, but then join a tour group. Travelling independently can be exhilarating and requires being organised and flexible, at the same time!

Travelling in an organised group allows you to lock in almost exactly what you want from your travel experience by destination or activity. In addition, the tours include the added security and comfort of a tour guide, meals, accommodation, and a list of activities with firm start and end dates. Whatever you choose, here are our Top Ten countries that we recommend are worth visiting for a first-timer solo traveller.

1. Italy – Ideal for Solo Women

Italy! A destination that will indulge all your five senses. Fashion, art, architecture, romantic locals, indulgent food and wine and incredible landscapes – it’s truly a fabulous destination. In particular there are a lot of cool and exciting things to do in Rome, for female solo travelers.

2. Australia – Ideal for Solo Women

Melbourne is a favourite amongst travellers looking for shopping, delicious food and wine and plenty of cultural attractions to keep you entertained. On Australia’s east coast, at almost any time of the year, the weather is great for extending your trip to Sydney, the Gold Coast, Tasmania or into Central and Western Australia.

3. Iceland- Ideal for Solo Women

Iceland is epic, stunning, clean, safe and mesmerising. It’s a proven fact also that Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, is one of the safest places to travel to in the world, for women. Reykjavik is an ideal base for exploring the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon. If you have the time, grab a car and sightsee as much as possible! You’ll enjoy every minute.

4. The Netherlands- Ideal for Solo Women

The Netherlands, is a vibrant, friendly and super safe destination, it’s ideally set up to cycle around along the canals and bridges, relax in its parks, enjoy hearty meals and indulge in the art ands history scene. Don’t just stop in Amsterdam, other cities including The Hague, Utrecht and Gouda have much to offer the solo traveller as well.

5. Thailand – Ideal for Solo Women

Chiang Mai, is picturesque and peaceful. Explore Northern Thailand with it’s backdrop of mountains, hills, rainforest, farming land and lakes and rivers. It’s an ideal escape from the hustle and tourist bustle of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, and provides an opportunity for a far more authentic Thai experience than in the southern areas of the country.

6. India – Ideal for Solo Women

Rajasthan is arguable one of India’ best kept secrets to solo travellers around the world. While India might often bring forward thoughts of chaos, the State of Rajasthan is not only safe, but will keep you returning to India again and again! A history of royal wealth, can be seen now through the unique architecture you’ll find here in palaces, forts and temples. India is also, very affordable, so if you are looking for a destination you can afford, you are guaranteed to like India!

7. Costa Rica – Ideal for Solo Women

Consider Costa Rica for an adventurous, active vacation! Pack your adrenaline and your bathers, as you can use both here if you want to! There is an endless number of activities available in Costa Rica to keep you busy. Or you can simply relax and soak up the sun and cool off in the clear sea waters. Costa Ricans are helpful and warm locals, so women can feel safe and comfortable when vacationing here.

8. New Zealand – Ideal for Solo Women

New Zealand is known around the world for its natural beauty, friendly locals, and assortment of adventure and extreme sports. Most of this is offered on the South Island where you can embrace the outdoors lifestyle to no end. Hike across glaciers, trek along trails, sky-diving, white-water rafting, the list goes on! For more subdued activities, there are also peaceful cruises on stunning lakes, wineries and of course, Middle Earth to explore!

9. Japan – Ideal for Solo Women

Japan is busy, colourful, bright, beautiful and boisterous! If you are going solo in Japan, you are going to love it! Kyoto is a popular place to travel to given its number of local UNESCO attractions and shrines, its beauty, its accommodation styles and its palaces.

10. Ireland – Ideal for Solo Women

The Emerald Isle as it has been known, is very much that. Stunning green landscapes, crisp, windswept coastlines and hospitable, warm locals are reason enough to travel to Ireland. Add to that, charming accommodation, an assortment of experiences across its county’s and its high-ranking safety ranking on the Global Peace Index. There’s no reason not to go!

Japanese landscape.

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