Live, Work, Play in the UK

Have you ever been on a holiday in London and thought that the city just ‘fit’?

Could you see yourself living there for a while? There’s no better time to try on a new country for size than before you get into that comfortable pattern. You know which one we’re talking about…go to school, find a job, get married, settle down. Did you know that SWAP can give you that longer term adventure you’re seeking AND the job experience at the same time? So when you come back home, you can more easily slip back into your domestic place in line. SWAP is a service that helps Canadians live and find work abroad. Thousands of Canadians are flocking to the UK every year, and with SWAP you’ll get a built in social network the moment you arrive. You’ll meet other travellers instantly at the first orientation alone!


How it Works:

1. Register

Register with travelcuts. You can call us at 1.800.667.2887 if you’d rather speak to a human!

2. Apply for a Visa

After registering, SWAP will send you all the forms, information and checklists you need to complete your visa application. They’ve been helping Canadians live and work in the UK for over 30 years and each year the visa process gets more complicated. They have dedicated visa experts who will go over your paperwork to make sure there are no errors and send it to the British government.

3. Get Ready to Go

After you receive your visa, you’ll also get a GO SWAP KIT with pre-departure information and instructions on what to do when you reach the UK. If you want, SWAP can organize your first few nights’ accommodation when you arrive.

4. Local Support

Local staff know the UK and will be there to provide ongoing advice and support at the hosting centre in their central London location. Whether you need advice on reputable companies or how to file your taxes, they’re available. They have an open door policy so you feel like you have a home away from home.

Local support includes:
• A welcome party so you can meet other people who are also living abroad with SWAP
• A hosting centre in central London, right in the middle of the action, with free WiFi
• Assistance in setting up your new bank account at a major UK bank
• Free money transfer
• Your choice of UK SIM card
• Help in arranging your National Insurance Number
• CV workshop: local experts give tips on the perfect CV. The hosting centre can also forward your CV to employer contacts
• Employment advice
• Weekly job seminars
• Accommodation advice and assistance. Get information straight from people who live and work in the UK
• Access to exclusive accommodation and job boards
• Membership to exclusive social events club
• 24-hour emergency support line
• Access to computer/printing facilities

If the thought of living abroad is just too sweet to pass up, then there’s no better way to start than by talking to someone who’s been there! We’ve been SWAPping for years at travelcuts and we’d be happy to help you get started. Give us a call today: 1.800.667.2887.

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