Kicking, Spinning, Screaming, Stampeding: The World in Sport

Whether your idea of a perfect vacation is tiptoeing through palatial galleries, strolling across cobbled stone streets, or indulging in what can only be described as ambrosia, everyone should feel the roar of the crowd at an international sporting event.


World Rugby Sevens Series (year-round)

Featuring jovial atmospheres and high-energy crowds, the World Rugby Sevens Series annually hosts ten tournaments in ten of the world’s greatest destinations: Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and London. Rugby enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, adorned in outrageous costumes, flock to cheer on their nation’s team. The non-stop partying is fueled by the high-level competitive rugby (which sometimes seems to take back seat to the parading). Nonetheless, the World Rugby Sevens Series will satisfy energized individuals who are seeking out a good time with a taste of international flare.


Tour de France

Spanning 23 days and covering 3,500 kilometres, the Tour de France is the pinnacle of bicycle racing. The nearly 200 riders averaging a speed of 40 kilometres per hour has earned the Tour the reputation as one of the most revered sporting competitions in the world. The colourful swarm of two-wheeled cyclists mechanically propel themselves through 21 stages of blood, sweat, and tires across France (and briefly pass through neighbouring countries). The ostensibly innocuous nature of bicycling is in fact replete with scandal and controversy making each year’s race a potentially monumental year for theatrics and intrigue.


Grand Slam Tennis (January – August)

When travelling to Melbourne, Paris, London, or New York City, make sure to attend one of the cities’ respective Grand Slam tournaments for the chance to witness the highest level of tennis in the world. The phenomenal tennis elevates the city’s energy, prompting travellers to check out the tournament for themselves to see what all the fuss is about. If you are planning on attending Wimbledon in London, don’t bring your white ensemble from Sanfermines – otherwise you may be mistaken for a player and have to face a 249 kph serve from Milos Raonic.

Photo: Jason Merrithew

Triple Crown of Motorsport (May – June)

The Triple Crown of Motorsport is the moniker for the three Formula 1 Grand Prix races: the Indianapolis 500, held in Indianapolis; the 24 Hours of Le Mans, held in Le Mans, France (southwest of Paris); and the Monaco Grand Prix, held primarily within the principality of Monte Carlo. Each race offers distinct challenges and bears a unique history, making all three races exciting in their own right. The Monaco Grand Prix is arguably the most extravagant due to the clientele it attracts as well as its tricky nature – if it were not already an existing Grand Prix, it would not meet the standards applied to other races.

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