MariCAR Go Karting in Japan

Written by Courtney Bowen at Travelcuts

A visitor to Japan may often experience an interesting mix of traditional, modern, futuristic and fantasy! This spectrum is delivered to locals and visitors alike through quirky vending machines, cozy cat cafes, sumo wrestling, samurai themes, sushi and teppanyaki, high speed trains, anime, Mount Fuji and now a new craze…

Maricar Go-Kart combines cosplay (costume play or effectively, playing dress-ups) with driving a custom- built go kart through the busy streets of Tokyo, playing a music ditty of your choice. Naturally, the Nintendo characters are the most popular costume, however it’s not just Mario or Princess Peach, that are available, you can also dress up as Spiderman, a Minion, Superman and even Winne the Pooh!

The safety protocols for people taking part in karting are top notch; there are professional guides with you the whole time, and the karts are made to roadworthy standards.

It’s quickly become a must do experience and a popular way to see some attractions by day or night, when you can take in the dazzling neon lights of Tokyo.


Price and Requirements and FYIs
Price: The MariCAR experience costs between $80-$115CAD per person for a two or three-hour tour.
Drivers’ License: You also need your International Driver’s License or Permit in order to get behind the wheel.
Travel Insurance: Finally, for safety’s sake, make sure you’re covered under your travel insurance.
FYIs: You can rent additional items such as LED shoes or pay extra for tour photography. Why not purchase a (fake) moustache and even a whole costume?

MariCar does not allow the following when riding the go karts.
1. No racing each other on the streets.
2. No banana peal throwing.
3. No throwing of red turtle shells or any other game inspired objects to each other.


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