How do you see the world?

It’s no secret that we love travel. We’re pretty much obsessed with it. But the one thing we love even more than travelling ourselves…is seeing all the AMAZING adventures we’ve helped you take! And we wanted to find some way to showcase all those amazing stories and adventures, to inspire even more people to see the world.

That’s how we came up with: the travelcuts Travel Docs FilmFest.

We’ve been all over the world – and we want to show it to you! We’ve got a four-part travel mini-series in the works, and we’ll be premiering it at our exclusive event in November. Check out the first trailer:

Where YOU Come in

What would a film festival be without a little friendly competition? That’s where you come in. You’ll have the chance to win a $2,000 travelcuts gift card and an Optrix™ by Body Glove kit when you enter YOUR travel video into our contest.


We’re accepting video entries until the end of October, when our expert panel will pick the top 3 finalists (and we’ve got some pretty cool judges lined up). Then, you’ll have the chance to vote on your favourite video. We’ll be revealing the winner at our FilmFest in November, alongside our own #travelcutsDOC! With $2,000 in travel and a pretty sweet phone kit, you’ll have no difficulties making even more travel videos to wow all your friends.

Interested? We thought you might be. Click here to check out our videos & enter your own. Good luck!

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