Halloween in Transylvania

Transylvania: it’s a real place and it’s wonderful. We briefly touched on the destination in a previous blog post, but with the announcement of Busabout’s new Transylvanian Halloween Trek, we thought it was worth taking a second look.

Fast Facts

  • Not a city, but a region in Central Romania
  • Population: ~7 million
  • Most well-known for the Carpathian Mountains
  • Main cities include: Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Brasov, Bran, Sighisoara
  • Diverse population: a mix of Romanians, Magyars, Germans, Roma, and others

The Cities

Cluj-Napoca – the Cultural Capital

Want to catch a ballet performance? How about the Philharmonic? Maybe opera or theatre is more your scene? Then Cluj-Napoca is the place to do it! We’d expect no less from a place that boasts the title of Cultural Capital of Romania, and European Youth Capital for 2015. It is a truly vibrant city with a young population (due to its many universities) and an abundance of beautiful 18th and 19th century buildings.

Sibiu – the Fairytale

Narrow streets, old gabled houses, and a heavy German influence make this town seem as though it’s come right out of a fairytale. The buildings have been nicely refurbished, and depending on the time of year, you’ll be able to catch some unique festivals. You’ll also be able to visit the Christmas Market here, due to the heavy German influence!

Brasov – the Trade Zone

Back in the medieval ages, some of the largest settlements in Transylvania were in Brasov, due to the proximity of trade routes. The architectural style of the time still remains, and the Gothic & Baroque centre looks fantastic. There’s still lots of energy in this city with bars and restaurants – sounds like the medieval Saxons had the right idea settling here!

Bran – the Castle

It would be expected that this town is the “Dracula town”, because of its looming castle. However, there are only tenuous associations between the castle and the Count (although we wouldn’t blame you for pretending otherwise – the castle really looks like a vampire could live there). For obvious reasons, it’s a popular tourist destination and you can tour the nooks and crannies of this medieval beauty.

Sighisoara – Dracula’s city

This is what your Transylvanian journey has been all about. This city is the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, aka DRACULA. Combine your knowledge of this history with the silhouette of battlements and needle spires atop the main hill and you’ll be sufficiently spooked. Make sure you get a look at the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral and the majestic Clock Tower. Not to mention, this town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – so a visit here can help you check that off your bucket list!

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Sources: Rough Guides & Romania Tourism.

Written by Deanna Gregorio, Brand Specialist at travelcuts.

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