Fried Chicken Run

Paris may be known for its French food, but the scene for hip trends is alive (and deep fried as well). I recently went on a fried chicken crawl with some friends and discovered all sorts of delicious offerings at competitive prices. All you need to do is make sure you’re hungry.

We began at Hero (Metro Strasbourg-Saint Denis) for Korean style spicy, honey garlic breaded, and oiled goodness, along with plenty of Hite, a perfect crisp, low-rent beer to accompany the finger-licking food. The banchan were plentiful, the cocktails humourous, and the staff helpful. Definitely check it out and try the pork buns as well.

Second was Lockwood (Metro Sentier) around the corner from established foodie pilgrimage, the empire of Frenchie’s. Winners here were the drinks and décor, though the less traditional fried chicken burger with a hint of curry powder was no slouch. The curry was simply ironically overpowered by the vibe.


Fried chicken at Ellsworth

Our stomachs full of beer, cocktails, and fried fowl, we stumbled down the road further to Ellsworth (Metro Pyramides) to finish the evening with the most American-style meal of all. The new opening from Laura Adrian and Braden Perkins delivers so much more than just brilliantly battered birds; it has everything I’ve come to love in a restaurant. Delicious drinks, simple yet scrumptious selections of food, a wonderful space, and happy helpers. Ask for Maeve if you’re seated at the bar.

After essentially three dinners we were ready to go to bed, but as always, Paris had other plans and we found ourselves happily and healthily drunk within the hour. Important French expression: “our carrots were cooked”… along with the chicken and maybe our livers – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Patrick Merrithew likes to eat, drink, and travel, preferably all at the same time. He enjoys yoga and watching movies and TV. After earning a degree from Queen’s University (Physical and Health Education) and The Grand Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Patrick has been interning and travelling about Europe before returning home to Canada for some work and relaxation.

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