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Volunteer while travelling – Make a Difference

Written by Courtney Bowen at travelcuts Volunteering to Voluntouring Volunteering has morphed into a new experience because more travellers are interested in making a difference when they are travelling. At home you might volunteer to help out at a soup kitchen, at a fundraiser day for a local organisation or plant seedlings on the weekend … Continue reading Volunteer while travelling – Make a Difference

Ultimate Travel Photos Vol. 1

If you’ve got the wanderlust feeling but can’t figure out where it’s taking you, we’ve got your back. From our very own vault… these Ultimate Travel Photos come from the people who make up who we are as a company, Canada-wide! We’re travel enthusiasts; who better to help you plan your trip than the very … Continue reading Ultimate Travel Photos Vol. 1

7 Days in Costa Rica

By David Prak, travelcuts consultant Day 1 After an overnight flight, I arrived into San Jose around noon. Our transfer was waiting at the airport for us, which took us directly to the TRYP hotel in downtown San Jose – just a 20-minute drive. After a quick shower (and a cat nap) I headed downstairs … Continue reading 7 Days in Costa Rica

5 More Spooky Places (You Might Not Expect)

1) Halifax, Canada We have a soft spot for the maritime provinces, but Nova Scotia takes the cake when it comes to the creepy, spooky, and downright freaky. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has a large feature on the Titanic disaster, including items discovered from the wreck. The exhibit takes you through life aboard … Continue reading 5 More Spooky Places (You Might Not Expect)

5 Things You Should Know About Costa Rica

1. Souvenirs Everyone knows, you go to Costa Rica, you come back with coffee. It’s THE souvenir to bring home, for your family, friends and maybe even a few packs for yourself. The coffee in this country is outstanding, and for good reason, it has the perfect blend of conditions to grow the best beans. … Continue reading 5 Things You Should Know About Costa Rica

Greetings from…

We’re pretty hardcore travellers here: there’s no part of the world we are willing to miss. But even we were impressed with all the places YOU went in 2015. We saw it, in your Instagram posts, your tweets, and your videos. You travelled to some of the most beautiful places, the most off-the-beaten-track places, and … Continue reading Greetings from…

2016’s Travel Bucket List

With so many countries to visit, narrowing down your list can be a chore. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out your 2016 Travel Bucket List! Europe Where you’re going to go: Belgium/Netherlands/Germany/Austria/Italy/Switzerland/France How you’re going to get there: Contiki’s European Magic Trip Where else would you get to experience 7 countries in … Continue reading 2016’s Travel Bucket List

5 Destinations to Dream About (during awkward family dinners)

It’s that time of year again! Family time can be great, but sometimes you need a mental break from the annual question session on just about everything in your life. So, this year, instead of getting overwhelmed when your parents ask (again) why you aren’t a doctor, you can zone out and pretend you’re in … Continue reading 5 Destinations to Dream About (during awkward family dinners)

A Trip Around the World: Preparing

So, you’ve decided you want to (literally) see the world. From the penguins of Antarctica to the Inca ruins of Peru and the foodie treats of Europe, there’s no part of this great planet that you’re willing to miss. Awesome! It’s going to take effort and dedication (and a lot of saving), but if you … Continue reading A Trip Around the World: Preparing