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Greetings from…

We’re pretty hardcore travellers here: there’s no part of the world we are willing to miss. But even we were impressed with all the places YOU went in 2015. We saw it, in your Instagram posts, your tweets, and your videos. You travelled to some of the most beautiful places, the most off-the-beaten-track places, and … Continue reading Greetings from…

2016’s Travel Bucket List

With so many countries to visit, narrowing down your list can be a chore. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out your 2016 Travel Bucket List! Europe Where you’re going to go: Belgium/Netherlands/Germany/Austria/Italy/Switzerland/France How you’re going to get there: Contiki’s European Magic Trip Where else would you get to experience 7 countries in … Continue reading 2016’s Travel Bucket List

5 Destinations to Dream About (during awkward family dinners)

It’s that time of year again! Family time can be great, but sometimes you need a mental break from the annual question session on just about everything in your life. So, this year, instead of getting overwhelmed when your parents ask (again) why you aren’t a doctor, you can zone out and pretend you’re in … Continue reading 5 Destinations to Dream About (during awkward family dinners)

A Trip Around the World: Preparing

So, you’ve decided you want to (literally) see the world. From the penguins of Antarctica to the Inca ruins of Peru and the foodie treats of Europe, there’s no part of this great planet that you’re willing to miss. Awesome! It’s going to take effort and dedication (and a lot of saving), but if you … Continue reading A Trip Around the World: Preparing

Halloween in Transylvania

Transylvania: it’s a real place and it’s wonderful. We briefly touched on the destination in a previous blog post, but with the announcement of Busabout’s new Transylvanian Halloween Trek, we thought it was worth taking a second look. Fast Facts Not a city, but a region in Central Romania Population: ~7 million Most well-known for … Continue reading Halloween in Transylvania

“Untranslatable” Expressions

If you’ve been travelling long enough, chances are you’ve picked up how to say a few crucial phrases in at least one other language. It comes in handy to know “Dov’è il bagno?”, or “Was kostet das?”, or understand that when someone asks you to turn on the “custard and jelly” in London, they’re not … Continue reading “Untranslatable” Expressions

Sweet Treats Around the World

What do you associate with Thanksgiving? For some of us, it’s the train ride home. Others, the relatives we rarely get to see. In our opinion, one of the BIG universals is pumpkin pie. What would a Thanksgiving dinner be without that wonderful, kind of weird mix of fruit (we Googled – pumpkin IS a … Continue reading Sweet Treats Around the World

How do you see the world?

It’s no secret that we love travel. We’re pretty much obsessed with it. But the one thing we love even more than travelling ourselves…is seeing all the AMAZING adventures we’ve helped you take! And we wanted to find some way to showcase all those amazing stories and adventures, to inspire even more people to see … Continue reading How do you see the world?

Live, Work, Play in the UK

Have you ever been on a holiday in London and thought that the city just ‘fit’? Could you see yourself living there for a while? There’s no better time to try on a new country for size than before you get into that comfortable pattern. You know which one we’re talking about…go to school, find … Continue reading Live, Work, Play in the UK

Our Favourite Travel Movies

Obviously, the best way to soothe your wanderlust is by taking a trip somewhere new. But sometimes, you just can’t wait until your next trip – what to do then? Well, if you’ve already read all our blog posts and browsed through all our Instagram photos, and you still feel that travel bug itching…try watching … Continue reading Our Favourite Travel Movies