5 Secret Spots in Bangkok

You might remember Dominic from the wildly popular Popsicle Sagas video, from FilmFest 2016. He’s back in 2017, showing us an inside view into his travels. Part 1: #ThailandTakeover starts now.

If you are traveling to Thailand, it is most likely that you’ll end up landing in Bangkok. While this city can be overwhelming to some people, the true adventurer in you will sooner or later fall in love with all of what the capital of Thailand has to offer.

Of course, we could’ve listed the city’s top attractions, but we’d prefer to walk you through the hidden treasures of the country’s heart. Some places you can only find walking around with a Thai friend.


 PICTURE 01 - Venice of the East

The best way to get a glimpse of the “real Bangkok” is to hop on a long-tail boat and travel around the city on one of the many waterways that run below bridges and buildings. After all, this is how Thai people travel everyday. However, you may find it kind of dangerous at first, since the boats barely stop to let you embark. If you want to get in, just try to jump!


PICTURE 02 - Gold Mountain Temple

Also known as Wat Saket, the Golden Mountain is a less crowded temple you can visit for free. On your way to the top in a serene and relax environment, you may encounter buddhist monks slowly walking around or kneeling down. Don’t worry, they are used to visitors.


PICTURE 03 - Baipai Cooking

You won’t believe you are still in the middle of Bangkok when you get to Baipai Cooking School; it is surrounded with high walls and is like a little paradise with trees, rivers, and birds all around. The perfect setup to learn how to cook Thai food with the nicest cooks in town.


Your feet will get sore pretty quick after a few days in Bangkok. When your toes start to feel numb, stop at Tony’s Massage and get an hour massage for 100 baht ($3). It includes shoulder, back, head and foot massage. Nothing too fancy, but they are friendly and you’ll be ready for your next day of adventure afterwards.


PICTURE 05 - Sala Arun

Looking for the perfect spot to take pictures of the sunset? Stop searching: you have to go to Sala Arun Hotel, just across from Wat Arun temple. Head for the rooftop, get a few drinks and enjoy the temple of dawn light up while the sun disappears on the horizon. The perfect Bangkok scenery.

Can’t get enough of Thailand? Neither can we! Check out Dominic’s #ThailandTakeover for inspiration on YOUR very own Thai adventure.

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