5 Reasons You NEED to See Dublin


1. Guinness Storehouse & Jameson Distillery

Some of the most famous names in alcohol got their start in Ireland. You’ve surely heard of Guinness, the thick dark stout practically synonymous with Irish pubs. Whether you love the stuff or hate it, it’s difficult to deny that a trip to the Guinness Storehouse is a must-do when in Dublin. The Storehouse is essentially a shrine to all things Guinness, where you can take a self-guided tour through the brewing process, and of course, receive your free pint of Guinness at the end.

The Old Jameson Distillery is another iconic alcohol-related institution which you really should make the effort of seeing when in Dublin. While the hard stuff isn’t produced at the Old Distillery anymore (operations moved in 1971), you’ll still be able to take a tour and learn just how they make this “water of life”. Make sure to volunteer for taste testing at the beginning of the tour, to try out the different whiskeys, including a bourbon and a scotch. Even if you don’t try these out, everyone gets a complimentary Jameson drink, and who can complain about that?

If you adhere to the standard limericks, you might be better off visiting the Jameson Distillery before visiting the Guinness Storehouse, but either way we recommend doing both in a day as they are practically just across the river from each other.


2. Temple Bar

Both the name of the neighbourhood and the famous pub within, Temple Bar serves as the cultural and entertainment hub of Dublin. You may even find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of galleries and arts centres in this neighbourhood. But don’t worry – when you’ve had your fill of walking down old cobblestone streets, you can surely find at least one pub, bar, or club to suit your fancy. It’s an area more likely to attract outsiders than Dubliners, but that won’t matter when you’re 3 drinks in and having the time of your life meeting other travellers from all over.


3. Johnnie Fox’s

You can check a few things off your “must do” list when you head to Johnnie Fox’s Pub (purportedly the highest pub in Ireland). See the Wicklow Mountains, get out of the city centre, take in the natural beauty of Ireland, eat a damn good meal, and see the nightly “Hooley”, a show inspired by Riverdance!


4. Hellfire Club

Ready to take on a real physical challenge after all those pubs, bars, and distilleries? Good – you’re ready for the Hellfire Club, nicknamed for the lodge built atop the mountain. You may also know this peak by its proper name, Montpelier Hill. It’s a real hike, so make sure you have good footwear. Completely worth it to see the old Club and the view from this height.


5. Powerscourt Waterfall

How much IS 121 metres, really? Well, Big Ben is 96 metres tall. Niagara Falls is 51 metres. The tallest tree in the world measures just over 115 metres*. And Powerscourt Waterfall, in Dublin? Well this beauty measures 121 metres, the tallest waterfall in Ireland. There is an unreal amount of wildlife in the area and you will DEFINITELY feel at peace here. Take a romantic picnic with your Irish fling or just spend an afternoon enjoying nature in solitude. Whatever your decision – you’ve earned some quiet time after all the excitement to enjoy the rest of your Dublin adventure.

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to have a great Dublin vacation – all you need is travelcuts.

*In case you ever wanted to learn more about the world’s tallest trees, this page should provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Header photo credit: Kelly Tyndall

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