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5 Cities Meant for Walking

Planes, trains, buses, Ubers… It can be exhausting staying cooped up when you’re travelling. Feeling the need to stretch your legs on your next vacation? We thought so. Staying active and reducing your carbon footprint are always a great idea! These are 5 of our favourite most walkable cities:



If you want a city made for walking, it only makes sense to look to an old city – one established long before the car! There’s a long and charming history to the place (check out this link if you’re curious), and something for every traveller in modern day. Plus, most of the centre of the city has been closed off to vehicular traffic, making it so much easier to navigate.

If you’re interested in festivals, one of our personal favourites is Festa Delle Rificolona, aka “Festival of the Lanterns”. Taking place on September 7, this festival features brightly coloured and lit lanterns, all over Florence. A beautiful view for an evening stroll!

If you’re more interested in architectural allure, you really can’t go wrong here. Even if you don’t make your way to any museums or galleries (though we highly recommend the Galleria dell’Accademia), simply wandering the streets and admiring the old architecture will satiate any traveller’s need. For anyone looking to both navigate by their own two feet and take in as much beauty as possible, Florence is an excellent pick.

New York City


Like it loud, bright, and energetic? Get yourself to NYC, ASAP. Manhattan is the must-do, and you’ve likely seen all the big sights on movies and TV (the MOMA, Empire State Building, Central Park etc). Let’s focus on the things you might not have seen before.

92Y is a cultural and community centre (located at 92nd Street Y) with varied literary, dance, and musical productions at its Kaufmann Concert Hall. You can also take a number of programs and classes, so check out what’s offered before you go!

For those who love a good art film, the Rose Cinema (in Brooklyn) is a highly regarded showcase for avant-garde films. Well worth the trip to Brooklyn!

NYC is a shopping city for sure, but you don’t need to just stick to the well known stores. Try a stroll down Lexington or Sixth Ave. and we can practically guarantee you’ll find a number of interesting specialty shops you never would have imagined exist. There’s even a shop dedicated to dollhouse furniture on the Upper East Side!



Why not look close to home for your next walking vacation? Vancouver is one of the greenest cities we can think of, between its eco-friendliness and its beautiful environment. So, it only fits that a city with this outlook would also be friendly to those getting around by foot!

One of the best things you can do at the beginning of your Vancouver trip is take the glass elevators to the top of Harbour Centre (aka Vancouver Lookout). It’s the best view of the whole city, and our favourite way to appreciate the beautiful environment.

Take a walk around the Seawall, the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. 28kms of beautiful seaside views! The best part is that it’s clearly divided for walkers and joggers, and cyclists, so you won’t need to worry about getting in anyone’s way.

If you’re longing to test your luck, head to the aptly named Edgewater Casino, located right on the shore. Don’t bet all your cash, though – you’ll want to drop by the lounge and have a drink while watching the sun set on False Creek.



The great thing about visiting Europe is the abundance of old, very walkable cities. But, some do stand out above others! Munich is one of these cities – the third largest in Germany, yet immensely walkable. Haute-couture shopping, palaces and churches, an unreal music and art scene, and the “Silicon Valley” of Europe: all things found in this city (so you’re basically guaranteed to stumble on something you’re into).

Can’t skip the morning jog? Definitely take it through Englischer Garten. Need a quiet, introspective walk? Botanischer Garten is where you’ll need to be. Of course, for those who travel led by their stomachs, Oktoberfest is THE event you won’t want to miss. Beer and bratwurst for days, we’re basically in heaven.

If you’d told us before seeing Munich that one of the most entertaining things to do in the city would be watching what is essentially a clock, we would have laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. But seriously, watching the Rathaus-Glockenspiel is a total treat and takes less than 15 minutes out of your day. Stop by at 11 AM, listen to the chimes, and watch the figures act out German folk tales. After that, you’re a short walk away from loads of landmarks, ready to start your day.



When you step foot in Dubrovnik, you might think you’re in a fairy tale – but we assure you, it’s real life. The city maintains its medieval walls, including drawbridges, both as a reminder of history and a wonderful Gothic aesthetic. In the Old Town, walking is basically your only option; there are so many bars, cafes, and shops that they spill out onto the street practically everywhere. Not to mention, there is NO motorised transit allowed within its 1.6 km circumference. Adding to the magical feel of this city, even the winds through the Adriatic have their own names and moods. Maestral is the light summer daytime breeze from the northwest; from the north comes the bora, which is cold and dry but considered good; the jugo blows warm and moist from the southeast and puts the locals in a bad mood.

For an adventure, climb the steep stairs and cross a drawbridge to reach Fort Lovrijenac. This great defensive structure sits above a steep cliff, facing the sea to the west, and is often used as a performance stage for plays! Plus, the price of entrance is included in your fee to visit the City Walls. Walking around a historic medieval city was never so sweet.

Need to get up and stretch your legs? There’s a trip for you. Get in touch with travelcuts and we’ll help you make it happen!

Written by Deanna Gregorio, Brand Specialist at travelcuts.


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