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2016’s Travel Bucket List

With so many countries to visit, narrowing down your list can be a chore. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out your 2016 Travel Bucket List!



Where you’re going to go:


How you’re going to get there: Contiki’s European Magic Trip

Where else would you get to experience 7 countries in 10 days but with Contiki? This new Eurotrip takes the best of Europe and fits it into a short itinerary. Perfect for the traveller who wants it all but doesn’t have a lot of time to spare!

South America


Where you’re going to go:


How you’re going to get there: G Adventures’ Galapagos Express Camping Trip

Galapagos is always going to top our travel lists, simply because there are so many different things to see here, and SO many different ways to see Galapagos! Camping may not be your thing, but when it comes to Floreana Island, we’re pretty sure everyone becomes outdoorsy.



Where you’re going to go:


How you’re going to get there: Tucan Travel’s Road to Vietnam Trip

It’s not just about Vietnam on this trip through Southeast Asia. Discover temples, cuisine, beaches, culture, and completely immerse yourself in everything these three countries have to offer! It’s the adventure of a lifetime, and you’ll definitely come back changed once your 16 days are up.

There’s a huge world out there, and it isn’t going to explore itself. Let’s decide together how YOU will see the world in 2016. Call us at 1.800.667.2887 or visit us online to start planning your next bucket list trip.

Written by Deanna Gregorio, Brand Specialist at travelcuts.

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