Long term travel / short term moves

Even though January technically marks the start of the year, many of us will always see September as the beginning of the year. Maybe you’re moving to take an international job, moving for a semester or two abroad, or taking on a backpacking adventure. Whatever the case, these tips will help you out for your … Continue reading Long term travel / short term moves

5 Uniquely Mediterranean Experiences

What is a Mediterranean vacation without sun, great food, and relaxation? You’ll get all that and more with these 5 Uniquely Mediterranean Experiences: 1. Eat in Crete The villages of Crete’s mountainous interior are far away, in lifestyle if not distance, from the resorts on the island’s northern coast. Here, the pace of life is … Continue reading 5 Uniquely Mediterranean Experiences

5 Reasons You NEED to See Dublin

1. Guinness Storehouse & Jameson Distillery Some of the most famous names in alcohol got their start in Ireland. You’ve surely heard of Guinness, the thick dark stout practically synonymous with Irish pubs. Whether you love the stuff or hate it, it’s difficult to deny that a trip to the Guinness Storehouse is a must-do … Continue reading 5 Reasons You NEED to See Dublin

An Itinerary of Central-Eastern Europe

Whether you choose to take on Eastern Europe on your own, or go with a group (like Contiki’s Eastern Road), you’ll probably find yourself wondering how to make the most of your time there. Here are our picks for the top sights to see (and the things you can safely skip). 1. Slovakia Like most … Continue reading An Itinerary of Central-Eastern Europe