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We’re pretty hardcore travellers here: there’s no part of the world we are willing to miss. But even we were impressed with all the places YOU went in 2015. We saw it, in your Instagram posts, your tweets, and your videos. You travelled to some of the most beautiful places, the most off-the-beaten-track places, and everywhere in between! These were some of our favourite travel moments from this past year…

So happy I got to explore this little gem of an island. #travel #travelcuts

A photo posted by SamiTay. (@samanthataylor33) on

#tbt time. Such an amazing place ???? #Hawaii #travel #nofilter #wanderlust #collegetourist #travelcuts

A photo posted by Lexie (@lexiehinde) on

Throwback ?????? #tbt

A photo posted by Dani Goddard (@dani_girlsofto) on

The truth of the story lies in the details! #darkart #truthfultuesday #ancientgreece #travelcuts #thatstravel

A photo posted by Jayden Gigliotti (@jigsy24) on

said goodbye to the islands the best way I know how ?? #ilyparos #travelcuts

A photo posted by @jesshemm on

La Tomatina! Largest Tomato fight in the world #gopro #travelcuts

A photo posted by Tyler Cave (@tylermcave) on

Yesterday's night sunset. Last night in Montreal. #montreal #sunset #sky

A photo posted by Marie-Jade (@mjdesprairies) on

Sagrada Família??????

A photo posted by McKenna Schroter (@mschroter) on

#NewYears in #Brazil in the small city of #Magda #backtobrazil #Brazil2105 #travelcutsNYE #fireworksandcelebration

A photo posted by Emily Daniel (@emilydaniel_) on

Here’s to 2016 and a whole new year of travel adventures!

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