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Calling All Creative Travellers!

You: • love to travel • love to share your experiences • wish you could travel more Does this sound like you? You’re in luck. The travelcuts FilmFest competition is in full swing, and it’s your shot to win $5,000 in travel (yes!). Plus, you’ll get bragging rights as winner of #travelcutsDOC 2016. All you’ve … Continue reading Calling All Creative Travellers!

Travel Photography 101 – What gear do I need?

Cameras and travel go hand in hand. You wouldn’t dream of taking a bucket list trip without also bringing along something to document the journey, right? But upgrading from the camera in your phone or a basic point & shoot can be a daunting task. Different kinds of travel have different documentation needs! Before you … Continue reading Travel Photography 101 – What gear do I need?

5 Cities Meant for Walking

Planes, trains, buses, Ubers… It can be exhausting staying cooped up when you’re travelling. Feeling the need to stretch your legs on your next vacation? We thought so. Staying active and reducing your carbon footprint are always a great idea! These are 5 of our favourite most walkable cities: Florence If you want a city … Continue reading 5 Cities Meant for Walking

Travelling Alone (for the first time!)

At some point in time, it happens to everyone: you’ll have to travel alone. Maybe the prospect of this excites you (in which case, you might want to read this post), or maybe you find it terrifying. Maybe you don’t have any strong feelings about the subject. Regardless, if you’re on this post, you probably … Continue reading Travelling Alone (for the first time!)

The Perks of Being a Group Traveller

There’s a reason why people “wax poetic” about travel. A quick search on the Internet for “travel quotes” would provide you with enough inspiration to want to pack a bag and leave tomorrow. As someone with a personal case of wanderlust, I can empathize with those who suffer the same symptoms as I do: constantly … Continue reading The Perks of Being a Group Traveller