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“Untranslatable” Expressions

If you’ve been travelling long enough, chances are you’ve picked up how to say a few crucial phrases in at least one other language. It comes in handy to know “Dov’è il bagno?”, or “Was kostet das?”, or understand that when someone asks you to turn on the “custard and jelly” in London, they’re not … Continue reading “Untranslatable” Expressions

Sweet Treats Around the World

What do you associate with Thanksgiving? For some of us, it’s the train ride home. Others, the relatives we rarely get to see. In our opinion, one of the BIG universals is pumpkin pie. What would a Thanksgiving dinner be without that wonderful, kind of weird mix of fruit (we Googled – pumpkin IS a … Continue reading Sweet Treats Around the World

How do you see the world?

It’s no secret that we love travel. We’re pretty much obsessed with it. But the one thing we love even more than travelling ourselves…is seeing all the AMAZING adventures we’ve helped you take! And we wanted to find some way to showcase all those amazing stories and adventures, to inspire even more people to see … Continue reading How do you see the world?

Our Favourite Travel Movies

Obviously, the best way to soothe your wanderlust is by taking a trip somewhere new. But sometimes, you just can’t wait until your next trip – what to do then? Well, if you’ve already read all our blog posts and browsed through all our Instagram photos, and you still feel that travel bug itching…try watching … Continue reading Our Favourite Travel Movies

The top 4 reasons YOU need your ISIC (and one bonus for non-students!)

1) Amazing travel deals One of the best ways to see the world is with a small group trip, like those offered by Contiki or G Adventures. We also know that, between tuition, rent, food, and other day-to-day expenses, it can be hard to save for one of these great trips. That’s why we offer … Continue reading The top 4 reasons YOU need your ISIC (and one bonus for non-students!)

Long term travel / short term moves

Even though January technically marks the start of the year, many of us will always see September as the beginning of the year. Maybe you’re moving to take an international job, moving for a semester or two abroad, or taking on a backpacking adventure. Whatever the case, these tips will help you out for your … Continue reading Long term travel / short term moves

5 Summer Festivals for 2015

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and it’s almost impossible to go anywhere on a weekend without running into some kind of festival. Must be summer! Here’s our top 5 festivals around the world for summer 2015. Photo: Copenhagen Cooking / Rasmus Flindt Pedersen 1. Copenhagen Cooking Didn’t think of Copenhagen as a … Continue reading 5 Summer Festivals for 2015

Kicking, Spinning, Screaming, Stampeding: The World in Sport

Whether your idea of a perfect vacation is tiptoeing through palatial galleries, strolling across cobbled stone streets, or indulging in what can only be described as ambrosia, everyone should feel the roar of the crowd at an international sporting event. World Rugby Sevens Series (year-round) Featuring jovial atmospheres and high-energy crowds, the World Rugby Sevens … Continue reading Kicking, Spinning, Screaming, Stampeding: The World in Sport

Turkey Travels with Jason

Travel Diary: Turkey from October 18, 2014 to October 30, 2014 Day one Only 12 days in Turkey…ambitious plan for the huge country that bridges Europe and Asia. Fortunately, Turkey is quite easy to get to from Toronto, with daily flights from both Air Canada and Turkish Airlines. Flights typically get into Istanbul in the … Continue reading Turkey Travels with Jason